MRWhois Scheduler v. 2.0 Commercial


If you're hunting for available domain names, this is the right tool to use. Quickly add your desired domain names to a text file, schedule the script with Crontab or Task Scheduler and forget about the rest... MRWhois Scheduler will run at specified intervals checking if any of your desired domains became available. If yes, then the script will alert you via email with the full list of available domains.

In other words: you create a simple text file with all names you're interested in:

then you schedule Crontab to run the script once a day at midnight:

0 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/php -q /htdocs/www/scheduler.php
(paths may be different in your environment)

and that's it. When one (or more) of the specified domains becomes available, the script will notify you by email.

Please note, the script does not teach you how to use Crontab or Task Scheduler. There are milions of websites with instructions, I even placed few good links in the script for your convenience, so do not ask me how to use cron jobs.

Just remember, when you find the domain of your dreams is available, quickly register it at "NR"WEB US.



Price: $36.00usd ( Currency converter )



The script can use two different engines to perform domain names checking:

1. Uses checkdnsrr() php function (available with all PHP versions running on Linux servers). In other words, if you have a Linux server, the script should work straight out of the box in its default mode. Unfortunately, its not supported by PHP on Windows servers, unless you've hot PHP 5.3.

2. Uses NSlookup command. This should work on most Linux and Windows servers, but you need to make sure that "disable_functions" variable in your php.ini file does not include "exec()" function. Also, if you have "safe_mode = On" in your php.ini, you may need to add a path (where the nslookup is located) to "safe_mode_exec_dir" variable. Otherwise, the script will not work properly.